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Pxio makes visual content available where it is needed most. It brings all the information you need right in front of you, wherever that may be.

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Realtime visualization straight from the field

Focus on the details you need: we offer secure visualization of any source on combined display walls, helping you to assess and control the situation.

  • Dynamically orchestrate content on control room displays
  • Combine images and video in all shapes and sizes in a meaningful way
  • Transmit data easily, reliably and securely

Pass on information and warnings in a targeted manner

With Pxio, you can easily assess and then delegate realtime content to additional levels of responsibility.

  • Forward bespoke content as requested by recipients
  • Enrich data with annotations and comments
  • Provide early warning systems with live content

Maximize efficiency in the control room

Pxio integrates screen sharing with your existing infrastructure so you can efficiently use the capacity of your hardware.

  • Stay independent of vendors and operating systems
  • Scale as you need
  • Control displays intuitively via app
  • Combine with popular video conferencing systems

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