Digital education needs screensharing

With Pxio, now you can integrate digital media into any teaching format. Educators and learners alike can share their screens in seconds, from their own seats.

Perfect for interactive teaching, Pxio enhances  every lesson, workshop and seminar.

Designed for modern classrooms

See more, learn better

So there is a digital whiteboard, TV or projector for you to use. But it is too complicated to present spontaneously from different devices.

The Pxio app changes that.


Everyone in the seminar room can quickly and easily view results, even simultaneously.


Slides for lectures and presentations are shared from your own device at the touch of a button.


Follow what's happening in individual experiments in real time with the webcam stream.

By sharing the content via any video conferencing tool, even people who are not present can follow along.

Present immediately without prior knowledge

Just get started

Enter a room, open your laptop, and immediately make image and video content visible to everyone. Learners can take over the projector or TV at any time to show their results, suggestions, or the context of specific questions.

Install the Pxio app and get screensharing with just one click.

Meets the high security standards of the education sector

Simply secure

Intelligent pixel transport

Visual data is transmitted directly from your laptop to the TV or projector, over your secure network.

Full access control

Pxio can only be used by authorized persons; unauthorized third parties do not have access to the TV or projector.

End-to-end encryption

Communication with the Pxio cloud is encrypted so that data cannot be viewed by third parties.

Teste Pxio kostenlos

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