Big meeting. The stakes are high.

So you have your presentation all prepared and ready to impress. Don’t be ambushed by annoying cables and settings.

We’ve got it sorted for you.

Pxio is software for sharing screens wirelessly. We take care of the little details so you can get on with your meeting.

Award-winning technology
Why Pxio?

Share your ideas effortlessly

Present untethered

No cables, no compromises

Pxio replaces hardware with software: now everyone in the room can participate. No compromising with messy cables—simply share your screens via the app.

Achieve synergy

Meetings in full flow

Let the conversation flow naturally. The Pxio app enables seamless transitions from one presenter to the next.

Stay agile

Simple and effective

A full conferencing solution can be an expensive affair. With Pxio, for the cost of replacing an HDMI cable, you get the benefits of a modern conferencing solution, without the costly equipment.

How does it work?

Screensharing - As simple as it gets

Pxio shares your laptop screen to a virtual Pxio display on your TV or projector, via the app. All you need is the Pxio app downloaded and installed on your devices, connected to the same network.

1. Get access code

Pxio enabled TVs or projectors show an access code to connect with them.

2. Enter the code

Entering the code visible on a TV or projector allows you to share you screen.

3. Share your screen

Activate the toggle to share the preview of your screen shown in the App.

Do you want to prepare a TV or projector?

Who is Pxio for?

Teamwork meets visualisation

Helpful visual inputs are the cherry on the cake for successful discussions and conversations. This makes Pxio ideal for people in interactive meetings and workshops, even working from home.

Development teams

In sprint reviews, view and evaluate the board and progress together, without the inconvenience of having to switch between tasks.

Coworking spaces

In meeting rooms, allow screen sharing via the app on all shared displays without having to create/establish individual user accounts.

Control rooms

In critical situations, assess inputs from multiple, real-time data sources by customizing their layout on large screens or display walls.

Try Pxio for free.

Enable your team to share wirelessly. In under 5 minutes.

Sharing made simple

Can I start sharing straight away?

Yes, just install the Pxio app and you can start immediately.

Do I need special hardware adapters or USB dongles?

No, just install the Pxio app on source and display and you can share immediately.

Do I need to buy dedicated or certified hardware to run the display?

We do not have special hardware requirements; a Windows PC should be sufficient.

How can a guest user share their screen?

After installing the Pxio app, a guest can enter the display code without needing an account.

How are my screen contents sent between source and display?

Pixels are sent via a direct connection over your internal network. This means that unlike videoconferencing solutions, your private screen contents are not sent over the internet.