One software, unlimited possibilities

Wireless, hassle-free, limitless. Our software infrastructure Pxio allows you to connect a pixel source to any number of arbitrarily arranged displays, forming a single display surface. This also works the opposite way: Send pixels from any number of sources to a single display. In both scenarios, pixels are transported via standard IP networks. The outcome is a fantastic visual experience! Pxio runs anywhere and dynamically transports pixels from any source to any display (including projectors): in meeting rooms, foyers, shop windows, at trade shows, events, and many more.

Meet a generic many-to-many infrastructure

The two above graphics are selected examples out of an infinite range of application possibilities. It is up to you and your requirements exactly how many pixel sources and displays are connected at a given time, there is no intrinsic limit to their numbers.

Everything on one screen -

Combine multiple pixel sources to be presentedon one screen.

Build a video wall -

Combine many screens to seamlessly use themas a larger composite screen.

  • Easy Installation
  • Infinite Combinations
  • Transparent Subscriptions

Set your pixels free

Pxio transforms wireless pixel transportation in a snap – no matter where, no matter what, no matter how large. Wherever you meet your colleagues, partners, or customers, make your digital content easily accessible and visible through all existing devices in the network. Smartphones, tablets, flatscreens, projectors, … there are no limits with respect to the number of pixel sources and display devices. As services within a network, they can be freely mapped to each other and used simultaneously. This results in revolutionary ways of pixel transport and entirely new use cases – all that without any adapters, converters, or depending on cable length.

One software, unlimited possibilities

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Three simple steps towards Pxio – ready, set, go!

1. Individual consultation and/or demonstration

You tell us your requirements and ask questions in a phone call or during a visit in our Saarbrücken showroom. We carry out a free initial consultation on how you could use our software for your particular needs.

2. Proof of concept (PoC)

We install Pxio software at your site and accompany your evaluation of its features within your use cases. Costs for a PoC are credited up to 100% towards the subsequent purchase of software licenses.

3. Productive use

You benefit continuously from the full feature range of Pxio – and of course from our services.


Redefining pixel transport

Pxio – a revolutionary product from a highly innovative company, founded from within the German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence (DFKI) in Saarbrücken, Germany. The Pxio base technology “Display as a Service”(DaaS) has already won multiple prestigious awards and the Pxio team has been working on the smart solution for more than five years, now being ready to conquer international markets.

Our advantages


Pxio is a pure software solution and runs on standard hardware both at the pixel source and display ends. It is compatible with desktop as well as mobile devices and operating systems. Your existing IP network acts as the medium between all endpoints.


As a distributed software, Pxio scales freely with your needs. Sources and displays can be added and integrated into the system at any time according to their capabilities. The connecting network is typically no limiting factor as well.


The pixel flow in Pxio is point-to-point between sources and displays and never leaves your protected network. In addition, the communication is user-based and encrypted, such that no third party is able to view the transported data.

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