No more cables and adapters

No more wasting time with annoying cables and adapters! One click – that’s all it takes to switch between presenters on Pxio. If your a Windows or a Mac user, it doesn’t matter.

Leverage your mobile devices

Often it is not even necessary to bring a laptop to the meeting. Instead, use your smartphones and tablets and connect to the display on site to show a YouTube video, access a partner’s email or present your own app.

Show contents simultaneously

Show content from multiple devices simultaneously on one display. Brainstrom digitally, cheer each other on co-creation or follow your campaign across all social media channels.

Relaxed presentations for guests

Last minute changes and forgotten adapters endanger the presentations of your guests. Offer customers and partners their own limited Pxio access so that they too can present in a relaxed manner.

Spontaneous meetings throughout the company

The meeting room is too formal for you? But you would still have a display in the hallway, in the kitchen or in the cafeteria? Then just meet there! With Pxio spontaneous meetings are possible anywhere in the company.

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