The new age of work

Digitalisation has changed our working world. Processes that until recently were extremely complex are now running automatically. Everything is networked. Hierarchies become blurred, agile methods speed up our projects and every sofa can be a workstation. In times like these, visual communication must be limitless. That’s why we developed Pxio New Work.

The first display software
that is as flexible as you are

New Work requires flexibility and cooperation. Whether you’re sitting in a meeting with others, spontaneously pitching in the hallway or working from home – ideas should be visualized everywhere. With Pxio New Work you can turn any display into your own personal canvas.

Pxio New Work Features

For you that means…

More productivity

  • Quick change between speakers
  • Meetings everywhere in the company
  • Meetings across locations
  • Easy access for guests
  • New forms of work
  • Less business travel

More security

  • Future-proof, tried and tested solution
  • Secure access to corporate content
  • Peer-to-peer encryption
  • User rights management
  • No USB / C-C access necessary

More flexibility

  • No more cables/adapters
  • Hardware always interchangeable
  • Connection to company apps
  • Connection to video conference
  • Connection to room booking
  • Freely scalable

More costs saved

  • Integrate existing hardware
  • Hardware costs significantly lower
  • Integration effort significantly lower
  • No costs for cables / adapters

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