No more cables

Equip your team to share their digital content straight from their device.

  • Multiple screenshares shown on the same display
  • Show one presentation on multiple displays at once
  • Easy and secure with the Pxio app
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Meeting room presentations without additional hardware

Pxio is a pure software solution. To share content from laptops or similar devices to your displays, all you need is the Pxio App.

This gives you unlimited flexibility and allows you to quickly share your content throughout the company without the help of adapters or sticks

Secure within your local network.

All pixels flow directly from the laptop or workstation to the displays. Your internal data stays on your network.

At the same time, the app gives you full control over who can share what content and when.

Pxio integrates with your existing systems.

Optional: Combine with your room booking software or the company-wide calendar, for example. This way, approvals to present can be given automatically for the period in which a meeting room was booked.

Many integrations are available. Just for more information.

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Discover more ways to make daily work even better.

Take sprint reviews to a new level.

With Pxio you can show frontend, backend and sprintboard on one display at the same time - even parallel to other users.

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Your meetings, your time.

With pxio, daily meetings are now even more efficient.

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Try Pxio for free.

Enable your team to share wirelessly. In under 5 minutes.

Try Pxio for free.

Enable your team to share wirelessly. In under 5 minutes.

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