Sprint review with Pxio

Do you want to switch quickly and easily between presentations? Between Mac and Windows, laptop and workstation? With Pxio you can show frontend, backend and sprintboard on one display at the same time - even in parallel with other users.

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Meetingsituation: Vier Personen an einem Tisch mit Laptops, deren Inhalte auf einem großen Display erscheinen.

Switch between screens with just one click

With Pxio, you can access a common display in the room simultaneously via app and share content. This allows you to switch between two devices, for example from frontend to backend, with just one click.

Zwei Laptops mit Backend- und Frontend-Ansichten auf dem Bildschirm. Eine Ansicht wird auf einem großen Display geteilt.
Two laptops with backend and frontend views on the screen. One view is shared on a large display.

Keep an eye on the sprint board and results at the same time

Go through the team's deliverables in parallel with the sprint board to align requirements in real time. Pxio also makes the third, fourth or fifth display visible on your "canvas". The number of projections is unlimited!

Compare your app for Windows and MacOS

You want to see the differences between new features in the Windows and MacOS versions of your app? Connect all devices to your display and test all new features on both systems step by step.

Inhalte zweier Geräte mit unterschiedlichen Betriebssystemen, erkennbar durch Icons für Windows und Mac, werden auf ein großes Display geteilt.

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