Build yourself a big screen…

Combine several displays and project content from a single end device, whether smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC.


…or keep everything in view

Project content from multiple devices to a single display and arrange it according to your wishes.

We know no boundaries

Unless it’s about the security of your data. Dealing carefully with sensitive information is our highest priority. That’s why all content you project with Pxio is peer-to-peer encrypted.

Pxio grows with you

Our software is highly scalable. In other words: We accompany your development from start-up to large corporation. New meeting room planned? No problem! You are moving or want to increase your displays? We are there! You need a new location? Sure, we are looking forward to it!

No more compromises

Flexibility is very important to us. Pxio aims to be a solution for everyone. That’s why we run on all major operating systems and are not limited to a certain number of displays or devices.

The only display solution, which thinks along

We attach great importance to efficiency when transferring the pixels. What does that mean? Pxio runs on the corporate network. As our most important resource, we try to conserve it wherever possible. That’s why we have developed the intelligent pixel transport. It reduces the data rate of our application by only sending pixels to the places where pictures or videos are actually shown.

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