How to test Pxio

You need at least two devices: a PC with a current version of Windows (for testing purposes simply a laptop), which is connected to the common display in the meeting room. Use other devices to share content on the display - this also works from your Mac.

1 Sign up

Start the test by sending us your email address below. We'll set up your Pxio workspace and provide you with the app and login details.

Zwei Geräte mit Download-Symbol und eines mit einem Anmeldeformular auf dem Bildschirm.

2 Install

Download the Pxio app and install it on all the devices you want to use. Make sure they are on the same network. Then log in to the Pxio Cloud on each device.

Drei verschiedene Geräte, deren Bildschirme auf einem großen Display angezeigt werden.

3 Use

First, start a Pxio display via the app. It will then be visible as a presentation screen on all your devices. Simply select it to display your screen. If you want to test Pxio with multiple users, invite your team to your workspace.

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