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Interactive meetings with Pxio

Present wirelessly - when and where you want to

A new setup for every meeting? Different adapters and tools everywhere?

Simply connect your devices and displays via your network using an app and create your own collaboration platform. Whether in the meeting room or in the hallway, share your screen spontaneously on the displays and switch effortlessly between users and devices or simply present simultaneously.

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Different meeting scenarios in an indicated building. Lines trace the pixel flow in the IT infrastructure.

Share visual content on common displays

How much time does it cost your team to minimize interference in meetings? How much effort does it take to prepare presentations? How much extra content is prepared? How often is the right cable, the right adapter, the latest update missing? The Pxio software infrastructure makes special presentation technology unneeded and removes all these hurdles.

Present simultaneously or alternately

With Pxio, you can access shared displays synchronously via app. You can display your screens in parallel or alternately.
Project multiple sources onto a shared display and combine, for example, different operating systems such as Windows and Mac. Compare drafts or work together on visual content in real time. Switching between displays is easy and fluid.

Four people around a table in a meeting situation. Two people share content from their laptops simultaneously on a large display.
A CAD model is transferred wirelessly from a workstation in one to a meeting in another room.

Not only easy, but also safe

Allow only certain users to present on your display. Only user data is collected in the Pxio Cloud to provide you with full rights management. All pixels flow directly from the laptops or workstations to the displays: your internal data remains protected.

Combine Pxio with directory services

Share the displays according to your room usage. Optionally link Pxio to room booking systems to keep the administrative effort low. Anyone entering the meeting room or booking mobile devices can start their presentation spontaneously.

Red and green calendars show bookings for meeting rooms. Combined with a display, authorisations for presentations are shown and controlled.
Zwei Laptops mit Backend- und Frontend-Ansichten auf dem Bildschirm. Eine Ansicht wird auf einem großen Display geteilt.

Mit nur einem Klick zwischen Bildschirmen switchen

Mit Pxio kann jeder per App synchron auf das Display zugreifen und relevante Inhalte teilen. So gelingt das Umschalten zwischen zwei Geräten, vom Frontend zum Backend mit nur einem Klick.

Two laptops with backend and frontend views on the screen. One view is shared on a large display.

Sprintboard und Ergebnisse gleichzeitig im Blick haben

Um die Anforderungen abzugleichen, lohnt es sich, Ergebnisse parallel zum Sprintboard durchzugehen. Pxio macht auch die dritte, vierte oder fünfte Projektion auf deiner “Leinwand” sichtbar. Die Anzahl ist nicht begrenzt!

Inhalte zweier Geräte mit unterschiedlichen Betriebssystemen, erkennbar durch Icons für Windows und Mac, werden auf ein großes Display geteilt.

Deine App für Windows und Mac vergleichen

Du willst dir Unterschiede neuer Features in der Windows- und Mac-Version anschauen? Verbinde die Geräte mit deinem Display und teste Schritt für Schritt alle neuen Funktionen auf beiden Systemen.

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